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Helping drivers stay alert, stay engaged, and stay safe on our roads.

Winners of the HVIA Safety Innovation Award 2021.

In-vehicle driver safety & fleet risk management solutions.

At DriveRisk, we have one goal: to create safer roads for our community. Through delivering state-of-the-art fleet risk management and vehicle tracking solutions, we tackle road safety issues with a hands-on approach to risk for all fleet operators, fleet drivers and the Australian driver community at large.


Our signature vehicle tracking and event recording device for complete driver risk management, paired with our subscription-based analytics and fleet management service.


A driver fatigue monitoring system and early warning solution that actively tracks eyes and facial features to detect and alert drivers of fatigue and distracted driving behaviours.

Analytics& Reporting

Identify, track and report risky behaviours with a dedicated analytics dashboard. Managed and monitored by a team of analysts to help you make informed decisions.

Coaching &Education

Receive ongoing driver safety coaching and advice to ensure you’re optimising productivity and retraining risky behaviours within your fleet.

Why our driver safety solutions are driving change.

Our integrated road safety solutions and fleet risk management tools offer insight into driving patterns, alert drivers of sudden risks and identify areas in which they could improve their overall performance.

By managing and coaching negative habits and reinforcing positive ones, transport businesses are able to reduce risks, save money, improve efficiency and ultimately protect the wider community on our roads.

Reduce accidents with driver risk management and predictive analytics.

Improve driver performance with regular driver training and education.

Reduce costs of operations, damages and insurance claims within your company.

Optimise productivity through preventative procedures and processes.

driver safety australia

A successful model for
changing driver behaviour.


When it comes to changing driver behaviour, we follow a tried and tested methodology. Backed by hundreds of thousands of logged driver hours, AI technology, expert analysis and a team dedicated to innovation, we provide a proven success model that changes behaviour for the long term.

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Join thousands of
businesses already
using Optix.

We protect over 10,000 drivers in Australia
and 100,000 worldwide

Join thousands of businesses already using DriveRisk.

We protect over 10,000 drivers in Australia and 100,000 worldwide

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