The benefits of defensive driving techniques for truck drivers. Close up image of mans hands on truck steering wheel.

The benefits of defensive driving techniques for truck drivers

According to the National Transport Insurance company, the number of truck driver fatalities has risen by 65% since 2018.

Frightening statistics like these outline the critical need for the adoption of defensive driving techniques for truck drivers.

If you or your fleet operate heavy vehicles, you should become familiar with the six defensive driving tips and the benefits of utilising them.


Defensive driving tips for truck drivers

Defensive driving techniques for truck drivers is incredibly important to understand and administer. 

You are solely responsible for the vehicle you are driving. Moreover, you are solely responsible for anticipating unexpected situations and ensuring your own safety and the safety of those around you.

Some key tips for driving defensively are:

  • Pay attention – to the road conditions and weather conditions. You should always be conscious of wet weather, snow and frost and be aware of unexpected road conditions like potholes and roadwork.
  • Control your speed – adhere to the three to four-second rule and always maintain a safe space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Always anticipate situations – be preemptive and ensure that if you do have to react, you do so safely. 
  • Expect the unexpected – always be cautious and never depend on another driver. There is no guarantee that the drivers around you do not engage in risky driving behaviours.
  • Acknowledge pedestrians – this is especially important as a truck driver. Always slow down completely when approaching a pedestrian crossing and anticipate that there will be pedestrians about to cross. If a pedestrian is about to cross, acknowledge that you will wait for them to finish crossing completely before you continue driving.
  • Avoid distractions – you should avoid driving distractions at all costs. You should never eat, drink, smoke, or use a phone whilst driving.

By following these six defensive driving techniques for truck drivers, you and those around you will benefit substantially.


Benefits of defensive driving for truck drivers

Some of the benefits of defensive driving for truck drivers include:

  • Reduced frequency of accidents and therefore fewer costs associated with legal action, maintenance costs, and insurance and damage costs.
  • Reduced risk to yourself and your fellow drivers. 
  • Increased alertness and ability to anticipate and react to unexpected situations.
  • Ability to deal with road rage appropriately.
  • Improved driving skills and overall become a better driver.

Not only are the benefits of defensive driving fewer costs and less risk, but you are making an active effort to save your life and that of those around you.


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