Safety Success Story: Corio Waste

Corio Waste Management own and operate 40 collection vehicles and operations, with 70+ employees. Their fleet service over 6,000 commercial and industrial businesses, and local government administration throughout Victoria. From Waste Management through to environmental and quarantine law, Corio Waste offer clean, efficient, and sustainable services across the waste resource value chain. Tony Mason, Manager of Operations & Maintenance at Corio Waste, tells us how DriveRisk’s solutions have majorly benefited his drivers, and the business as a whole.

Guest written: Tony Mason, Manager of Operations & Maintenance, Corio Waste

What led you to engage with DriveRisk?

Whilst we liked to believe that our drivers were “doing the right thing” in their day to day, we had no real evidence to back this up, other than to say, “no news was good news!”. While we didn’t have a huge issue with at-fault incidents resulting in equipment or third-party damage, we weren’t perfect by any means. The reality was that we had no way of knowing actuals when it came to our driver’s behaviour or road safety.

What was the product/service solution DriveRisk were able to provide?

DriveRisk were able to provide a solution through the Lytx DriveCam that provided us with total clarity. The Lytx DriveCam has given us transparency to driver behaviour and road safety, allowing us visibility over at-risk behaviours.

Lytx DriveCam helps us to detect when our drivers are distracted, fatigued, or not paying attention. This resulted in no more assumptions, and no more hoping for the best! We had real, hard evidence that our drivers in the main were operating safely, but not without some risky behaviours that our received stats suggested would lead to an incident of sorts sooner or later.

How is your business/fleet performing now that the solution has been implemented?

Initially, we had a “spike” in at-risk behaviours, which was by all accounts to be expected. After our drivers were trained and made aware of the benefits of the DriveCam system, we had total “buy in”. Our drivers, when presented with clips of events, understood that their bad habits could lead to accidents, and they made the changes to improve themselves and the way they operated.

The results

In just a year, we saw some hugely unpredicted results:

  • 67% decrease in collision-likelihood
  • 73% decrease in driver’s performing risky behaviours
  • 85% decrease in the frequency of coachable driver behaviours

We were also surprised by the top driver behaviours that pulled through:

  • 116% decrease in driver unbelted events
  • 116% decrease in (other) distraction events
  • 108% decrease in mobile phone use

What has been the best thing about working with DriveRisk?

It’s very easy to become complacent when it comes to driver behaviour. As mentioned, the old “no news is good news” motto is not sustainable. It’s only a matter of time before something is going to happen. That something may only be a small incident, but as we now know, unless the behaviour that led to that small incident is changed, it will inevitably lead to a larger, more serious incident.

DriveRisk and the DriveCam system have eliminated that complacency and mitigated the ever-present risk, resulting in long-term changes to our driver’s behaviours and safer roads for everyone.


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