Lytx DriveCam

Signature Lytx DriveCam vehicle tracking device & event recorder

When something goes wrong, having the ability to analyse what happened is paramount. But what’s more important is knowing why it happened and how to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

In addition to providing reliable event recording, Lytx DriveCam features a subscription-based analytics platform, ongoing training and expert support to ensure prompt correction of risky behaviours. Backed by a team of data analysts and road safety specialists, DriveCam delivers the complete package when it comes to identifying, managing and correcting fleet risk.


With wide-angle dual lenses and an integrated microphone, Lytx DriveCam gives you the big picture of risk – day or night. Built-in access to the mobile data network allows your video events to be uploaded instantly while in-built Machine Vision & Artificial Intelligence allows you to identify risk with greater fidelity than ever before. That’s what makes DriveCam an industry leader in road safety solutions.

  • HD Video with Night Vision
  • Advanced Triggering
  • In-Cab Feedback
  • 4G Communication
  • Dual Lens with Audio
  • Add Extra Cameras as required
  • Simple Installation
  • Automatic Uploading & Updating

Deliver a comprehensive driver safety solution with Lytx DriveCam and DriveAlert – an industry leading driver fatigue monitoring system. Combining the behaviour detection, analysis and coaching elements of DriveCam with an in-cab alerting system for fatigue and distraction, our integrated fleet management softwares will give you complete confidence in the safety of your drivers.

  • Additional cameras for complete peace of mind
  • DriveCam Australia Hub

Pay a low monthly fee to use the hardware – A future proof option due to flexibility with upgrading as new technology is released.

Purchase Outright
A one-off cost giving you ownership of the hardware. A great way to make use of the government instant asset write-off (depreciation).

We have a range of flexible financing options between the rental and outright purchase to suit your situation and asset lifecycle.

Access up to one week of continually recorded video

Our DriveCam Event Recorder provides reliable, continual recording, giving you up to one week of video evidence, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Multiple views to capture all angles

Choose between road view, inside view, or both, or implement additional views with up to four additional connected cameras placed around the vehicle.

Easily find what you’re looking for

Zero in on the exact piece of video recording you need so you can get back to work faster. Search by time and date, location or event.

Customise your video clips with ease

Select and save up to 20 minutes of video at a time in your library or download clips and save them for as long as you need.

Data is only as good as the analyst.

Bad habits aren’t changed by one-off training. Long-term behavioural change requires continuous monitoring, coaching and reinforcement.

Utilising our comprehensive behaviour monitoring and vehicle tracking solutions, fleet operators are able to identify, track and report on risky behaviours in order to build a greater safety culture. With a dedicated analytics dashboard combined with expert advice and regular operational reviews, DriveRisk’s subscription-based vehicle tracking devices and ongoing support allow peace of mind for commercial fleets & trucks.

Our team of Lytx driver behaviour analysts review all recorded events before reports are delivered to your dashboard, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

How DriveCam™ Works

How DriveCam™ Works

01 Lytx DriveCam Event Recorder captures events that may be risky

02 Information is sent to the Lytx Cloud

03 Lytx  Risk Analysts analyse events and tag behaviours

04 Events are prioritised and delivered to your account

05 Managers review the events and discuss them with drivers in coaching sessions

06 Driver uses feedback to improve driving habits

Identify – Assess – Control

Changing driver behaviour with Lytx DriveCam installation
01  Trigger Detection

Detect risky behaviours such as harsh braking, speeding, mobile phone use, fatigue, tailgating and more.

02 Video Review

Access and review video recordings of the event to determine circumstances around the risky behaviour.

03 Risk Scoring

Receive an independent and objective risk score between 0-10 to associate with the driver profile & to track driver progress.

04 Coaching & Documentation

Review risky behaviour with driver and provide necessary coaching to allow them to correct their behaviours in future.

  • Vehicle (G-Force)
  • Driver (MV+AI)
  • Special
  • Fundamentals – Following Distance
  • Awareness – Poor Mirror Use
  • Distraction – Mobile Phone
  • Traffic Violations – Running a red light
  • Driver Conduct – Aggressive Driving
  • Driver Condition – Drowsy
  • Other Concerns – Unbelted, Smoking
  • Collision Leading Behaviours
  • Scoring between 0-10
  • Independent & Objective
  • Driver Profiles
  • Tracking Performance & Progress
  • Review behaviours with driver
  • Provide coaching on behaviours
  • Driver self-corrects before incident occurs

Integrating the Optix process into your fleet

When it comes to implementing Optix across your business, effective change starts at the top. As part of your on-boarding experience with Optix, our expert team is available to step in and help run team workshops to introduce the new driver safety program in a seamless and engaging way.

What to expect when you sign-on with DriveRisk:
01 Implementation meeting
02 Information gathering
03 Incorporate company policy
04 Driver awareness training
05 Installation
06 Coach & user training
07 Up & running
08 Monitoring & Feedback

We work with fleet teams to implement successful behavioural change processes. A safe driver culture has many elements to it, including:

Join thousands of
businesses already
using Optix.

We protect over 10,000 drivers in Australia
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Join thousands of businesses already using DriveRisk.

We protect over 10,000 drivers in Australia and 100,000 worldwide

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