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Safer roads for Australia through in-vehicle driver safety solutions

Manage. Motivate. Mitigate. 

Optix (formerly DriveRisk) develops industry-leading technologies that provide in-depth driver data and in-cab driver feedback. By collecting and sorting data into insightful information, we help drivers implement, and fleet operators coach, safer decisions on our roads.

Our global operations now cover over 40 countries across the world, and here locally, we’ve set our sights on achieving zero fatalities on Australian roads, and we’re not going to stop until we reach and maintain it.

Through hi-tech monitoring safety systems we have 360° vision on the road that supports fleet operators and drivers mitigate their onroad risk. We’re dedicated to providing real-time data and immediate feedback to help fleet operators coach safer decisions and ultimately ensure the safety of drivers and their families.

At Optix, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to drive change and get all Australians safely home.

driver safety australia
driver safety australia

What We Do

We are a dedicated team committed to reducing on-road risk for fleet operators and the driver community by developing and providing risk-identifying information coupled with behaviour changing solutions.


We use data from video and caller reports to create a focused risk profile of a driver, enabling fleet operators in establishing an accountable and structured, proactive solution to driver management.

History Timeline


DriveReport business founded


LytxDriveCam™ African Distribution Rights


DriveRisk Rebranded from DriveReport


New Corporate HQ in Benoni, South Africa


LytxDriveCam™ ANZ Distribution Rights


New Australian HQ at Gold Coast

Our Value Proposition

Optix, in its partnership with Lytx, has been able to provide unparalleled, highly innovative solutions to its clients since 2005, which has transformed fleets across the world to be safer, more efficient, increasing productivity, and as a result, increasing their profit margins.

Optix are the sole distributors of the Lytx DriveCam™ in Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa.


Lytx DriveCam is our signature vehicle tracking and event recording device for complete driver risk management. Paired with our subscription-based analytics and fleet management service.


A driver fatigue monitoring system and early warning solution that actively tracks eyes and facial features to detect and alert drivers of fatigue and distracted driving behaviours.

What our customers say

Our fleet of 150 is now fitted with custom-designed safety and fatigue-monitoring technology of various sorts, including DriveCam monitoring. The major benefit of DriveCam is that it is G-force activated. This means our company can proactively respond to an event as it happens, and our drivers don’t feel as though the monitoring is too intrusive. The technology has certainly changed our driver’s habits and behaviours for the better and we look forward to making continuous safety improvements in the future.

– Bryan Smith, CEO – Rocky’s Own Transport

Join thousands of
businesses already
using Optix.

We protect over 10,000 drivers in Australia
and 100,000 worldwide

Join thousands of businesses already using DriveRisk.

We protect over 10,000 drivers in Australia and 100,000 worldwide

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