driver fatigue monitoring system

Encouraging drivers to stay alert with MV & AI

Every driver on the road is responsible for driving as safely as possible to ensure themselves and those around them return home safely.

However, when driving becomes routine, even second-nature, drivers often fail to recognise their subconscious behaviours and how these are impacting their ability to stay alert on the road.


The importance of being alert on the roads

Remaining alert on the roads is important for a number of reasons.

Loss of alertness can lead to poor judgement, a decrease in driving skills and slower reaction rates.

Any driver on the road that experiences lack of alertness puts themselves in a vulnerable position as well as those around them.

Recent studies show that there is a direct correlation between the number of near-collisions, that lead to minor collisions and unfortunately more fatal, major collisions.

This pattern outlines the need for effective safety measures needed to change behaviours and ultimately achieve safer, more alert drivers on our roads.

This is where the combination of machine vision, artificial intelligence technology and video telematics comes into play.


Driver fatigue monitoring system

How MV, AI and video telematics work

DriveCam’s machine vision and artificial intelligence technology create a digital map of each driver and analyses their behaviours to detect risks. These risks include things like checking their phones, following other vehicles too closely, failing to wear a seatbelt or eating behind the wheel.

Video telematics then captures this information and combines it with other sensors in and around the vehicle to help the artificial intelligence learn.

In simpler terms, machine vision recognises an object through the DriveCam event recorder’s lens, and AI uses that information, along with other data like speed and GPS, to determine if that combination of information is risky.

You can think of machine vision as the eyes and AI as the brain.


How MV, AI and video telematics encourage drivers to stay alert

DriveCam’s driver fatigue monitoring system creates a critical tool in detecting and combatting risky behaviours. 

In order to be successful, however, drivers must engage in one-on-one training to review and acknowledge their negative habits as well as receive coaching from their fleet manager.

This coaching is critical to changing behaviours. And with most people being visual learners, having video footage from DriveCam is one of the best ways to understand and alter their actions in future.


Encourage your drivers to stay alert

Interested in learning more about how DriveCam works? Try it out for yourself with a pilot test and see why more companies are investing in the safety of their fleet.

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