Why DriveAlert is more than just a driver fatigue monitor

DriveAlert is a driver fatigue monitor and early warning system that captures and analyses eye & head movements with an infrared driver-facing camera. The processing unit is designed to detect heavy eyelids and the dropping or swaying of a driver’s head, sending an auditory alarm and seat vibration to re-engage the driver.

24/7 back to base monitoring and near real-time notifications

Our monitoring centre alerts fleet managers within minutes of a critical event. Fleet managers also receive near real time notifications of driver fatigue detection following the in-cab alerts, allowing managers to personally contact drivers to discuss a fatigue or distraction management strategy.

The DriveRisk team will make their way through a fleet’s contact list to ensure a driver is contacted if they need to stop driving.

Customised monitoring and coaching

Customised event selection enables fleet managers to outline the events most critical to their business.

If the analysis finds that the majority of a fleet’s alerts or accidents occur when drivers are eating at the wheel, the monitoring and coaching system can prioritise this behaviour. Once the fleet’s most problematic driving behaviours are under control, DriveRisk will move on to fixing others.

Fleet management from the inside and outside of your vehicles

What goes on outside the vehicle is just as important as what’s going on inside of it. That’s where the Lytx DriveCam comes in, providing reliable event recording.

Events are recorded so fleet managers know, when a road incident occurs, exactly what happened and who was at fault. These recordings can then be used as evidence to fast track legal and insurance claims.

Lytx analyses vision from the DriveCam alongside data from the DriveAlert and a report is sent to fleet managers to implement commercial driver fatigue management strategies. Integrated reporting also enables fleet managers to review data for both the DriveCam and DriveAlert on the one, seamless dashboard.

The ultimate solution to commercial driver fatigue management

The DriveAlert is more than just a driver fatigue detection and alert system. It allows for customised monitoring, real time notifications and, when paired with the DriveCam, becomes an invaluable source of data and insights used to coach entire fleets out of risky driving behaviours.

Trust DriveRisk to manage and motivate your fleet from both the inside and outside of your vehicles with DriveCam and DriveAlert – the ultimate in fleet management software.

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