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Increasing road safety with fleet driver training

At DriveRisk, we have one goal: to create safer roads for our community.

That’s why we’ve dedicated our careers to perfecting the most successful driver behaviour changing model.


Our focus on coaching and fleet driver training 

When it comes to changing driver behaviour, we follow a tried and tested methodology.

Identify, Assess, Control.

Identifying risk involves trigger detection through G-Force identification, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and other innovative trigger detections. Once recorded, each event is reviewed and scored depending on the level of risk. 

From this, we can report on the leading causes of collisions and near-collisions, make detailed driver profiles and track performance and process. With a detailed risk assessment report, safety/fleet managers then have the data to coach drivers to self-correct and ultimately prevent minor and major collisions. 

Through this framework and concentrated fleet driver training, we’ve witnessed significant driver safety and risk management improvements in a range of industries.


Benefits of DriveRisk solutions

Our hundreds of thousands of hours of logged driver hours combined with innovative AI technology, expert analysis and a team culture dedicated to continuous improvement has been instrumental in drastically changing driver behaviour in the long term.

DriveRisk solutions offer safety managers and drivers a range of benefits.


Benefits for Safety Managers and Fleet Operators

With DriveRisk’s innovative solutions, safety managers and fleet operators are benefitted from clear insights into their fleet’s driving patterns.

  • Optimise productivity and re-train risky driver behaviours
  • Save money on insurance claims, fuel, maintenance, and repairs
  • Have total clarity on driver data with a comprehensive analytics dashboard
  • Receive expert guidance to review and update vehicle and river policies
  • Access approved installation and service teams nation-wide
  • 24/7 call centre to support your team
  • Yield a significant return on investment
    • On average between $2 to $5 for every $1 invested


Benefits for Fleet Drivers

When it comes to your most valuable assets, your drivers, it’s always worth investing in fleet driver safety training.

  • Minimise in-road risks so you can return home safely
  • Learn how to identify and predict risky behaviours from other drivers
  • Capture video evidence to exonerate black for collisions you didn’t cause
  • Improve operational efficiency so you can get the job done sooner
  • Demonstrate your proficiency to management and receive more jobs
  • Identify areas of improvement to ensure a safer road culture


Invest in a successful model for changing driver behaviour

At DriveRisk, we’re committed to improving the safety of all drivers on our roads. Our driver safety solutions are proven to reduce risk and improve the overall safety of fleets.

Ensure the safety of your most valuable assets, your drivers, and invest in fleet driver training and monitoring with DriveRisk.

Join hundreds of businesses already using DriveRisk.

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