Keeping your data secure at DriveRisk

Through utilising DriveCam’s driver behaviour monitoring solutions, a range of data is collected and stored to help you understand and track incidents for driver development and training. This data often contains private information about your employees and their driving history, something which we take every precaution to protect.


Why your data security is so important: 

As a business ourselves, we recognise the importance of safeguarding your driver data to ensure that unauthorised persons are unable to access, extract or distribute it without the explicit consent of your company and employees.

With the prevalence of information hacking steadily increasing for businesses of all sizes and industries, DriveRisk has made it our priority to protect our clients with a multifaceted security approach.

Powered by the Lytx engine, this approach encompasses a range of administrative, physical and technical safeguards designed specifically to preserve the confidentiality of your company data. Demonstrating the validity of our security measures is an Information Security Policy based on the ISO 27001, an internationally recognised specification for information security management.


How we keep your data safe


Backend Infrastructure Architecture 

Lytx infrastructure has been built with optimum security at the forefront of design, not as an afterthought. To maintain the integrity of your data, the DriveCam program features a range of robust firewalls, load balancers and access level controls.


Password Configuration

As an online platform, access controls are another critical element to securing your DriveCam data. To maintain secure access controls across your company, users have the ability to customise their accounts and security parameters including password complexity, expiration, use of previous passwords and threshold for incorrect login attempts.


Automated Scanning  

To monitor the network and application for vulnerabilities, Lytx utilises automated scanning technology designed to alert our team immediately of a threat before it can impact our clients.


Physical Security

In addition to digital security methods, Lytx utilises a range of physical security measures to protect your data including geographically separate production servers, 24/7 physical monitoring with biometric access controls and fully encrypted databases using highly certified technologies.


Staff Background Checks

At DriveRisk, every staff member introduced to our team is required to pass a range of checks and tests, including national police checks. This helps us to ensure the credibility of our employees and allows us to reject anyone who may be a potential risk to your data.


Disaster Recovery 

As part of Lytx’s comprehensive data security measures, DriveCam also comes with a disaster recovery plan which allows critical systems to be recovered in the event of a disaster. This plan is reviewed and tested every year to ensure it maintains feasibility as circumstances evolve.


Entrusting DriveRisk with your driver behaviour management 

DriveRisk is dedicated to building a safer community of commercial drivers throughout Australia. By helping businesses to track risky habits and provide training for safer driving behaviour, we can help to reduce personal and operational risks across your fleet.

We don’t simply compile your information in a spreadsheet, either. As a key priority for our fleet management solutions, we take a holistic approach to protecting your data that ensures it can only be accessed by your company and ours for its intended purpose – training your drivers.

Learn more about DriveRisk’s road safety solutions or get in touch with our team of driver behaviour experts on 1800 837 433.

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