Annual Risk Report Highlights The Most Prevalent Issues on Australian Roads

Robina, Queensland: Gold Coast road safety advocate and telematics firm, DriveRisk Australia have released their Annual Risk Report highlighting the most prevalent dangerous behaviours on Australian roads.

Derived from an analysis of over 1,400,000 exception-based video events and over a billion kilometres of recorded data, the report pinpoints dangerous behaviours that often plague transport and logistics industries and how, through analysis and coaching, the frequency of these events is declining.

“While we’re impressed with these coachable events declining within the various transport and logistics industries, we’re still very concerned by the number of fatalities on Australian roads and the prevalence of un-belted drivers and mobile phone use,” explained DriveRisk Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Owen Neochi.

DriveRisk Australia provide integrated road safety solutions and fleet risk management tools that offer insight into driving patterns, alert drivers of sudden risks and identify areas in which they could improve their overall performance. By managing and coaching negative habits and reinforcing positive ones, transport businesses are able to reduce risks, save money, improve efficiency and ultimately protect the wider community on our roads.

The report is available for download FREE and highlights, the most common displayed behaviours as well as how they relate to both collisions and near misses.

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