Why Optix?

Optix is committed to improving driver safety in Australia

Did you know that 84% of all road collisions are avoidable?

Research shows that human error is the overwhelming cause of accidents on Australian roads, with vehicle faults and road conditions to blame for only a fraction.

To combat this statistic, Optix offers industry-leading driver safety monitoring systems that enable fleet operators to identify and correct unsafe behavioural patterns.


Road accidents occur in Australia every day


Are caused by poor situational awareness

driver safety australia

Why other road safety solutions don’t work

Most Fleet management telematics solutions don’t provide information about what caused an incident, only how it may have been prevented. Even telematics combined with an external camera depicts what was going on outside the vehicle, but not what the driver was doing at the time of the incident. At Optix, we’ve made it our goal to give our clients the complete picture. 

  • Optimise productivity and re-train risky driver behaviours
  • Save money on insurance premiums, claims, fuel, maintenance and repairs
  • Get total clarity on driver data with a comprehensive analytics dashboard
  • Receive expert guidance to review and update vehicle & driver policies
  • Access approved installation and service teams nation-wide
  • 24/7 call centre to support your team
driver safety australia
  • Minimise on-road risks so you can return home safely
  • Learn how to identify and predict risky behaviours from other drivers
  • Capture video evidence to exonerate blame for collisions you didn’t cause
  • Improve operational efficiency so you can get the job done sooner
  • Demonstrate your proficiency to management and receive more jobs
  • Identify areas of improvement to ensure a safer road culture

Help make our roads safer for all Australians with Optix’s integrated road safety solutions

Driver safety in Australia is something we all need to work harder to achieve, particularly across commercial fleets. To ensure we’re able to consistently, track, analyse and improve risky driving behaviours, Optix is proud to deliver world-class solutions to driver fatigue monitoring and behaviour tracking. With seamless integration capabilities and industry-leading technology backed by a team of road safety experts, no other driver safety solution protects our roads like Optix.


Lytx DriveCam is our signature vehicle tracking and event recording device for complete driver risk management. Paired with our subscription-based analytics and fleet management service.


A driver fatigue monitoring system and early warning solution that actively tracks eyes and facial features to detect and alert drivers of fatigue and distracted driving behaviours.

What our customers say

Our fleet of 150 is now fitted with custom-designed safety and fatigue-monitoring technology of various sorts, including DriveCam monitoring. The major benefit of DriveCam is that it is G-force activated. This means our company can proactively respond to an event as it happens, and our drivers don’t feel as though the monitoring is too intrusive. The technology has certainly changed our driver’s habits and behaviours for the better and we look forward to making continuous safety improvements in the future.

– Bryan Smith, CEO – Rocky’s Own Transport

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