Lytx DriveCam

Vehicle tracking device & event recorder

When something goes wrong, being able to visually analyse what happened is important. It can save you time and money, protect your driver, improve safety practices and even provide you with much-needed peace of mind. In addition to providing reliable event recording, the Lytx vehicle tracking device and video platform make finding video of the exact moment you need easy, giving you faster access to the truth.

Access up to 100 hours of continually recorded video

Our DriveCam Event Recorder provides reliable, continual recording, giving you up to 100 hours of video evidence anywhere you have internet connection.

Multiple views to capture
all angles

Choose between road view, inside view, or both, or implement additional views with up to four additional connected cameras placed around the vehicle.

Easily find what you’re
looking for

Zero in on the exact piece of video recording you need so you can get back to work faster. Search by time and date, location or event.

Customise your video clips
with ease

Select and save up to 20 minutes of video at a time in your library or download clips and save them for as long as you need.

Make vehicle tracking reports simple with subscription-based analytics & fleet management

Bad habits aren’t changed by one-off training. They require continuous monitoring, coaching and reinforcement.

Utilising our comprehensive behaviour monitoring and vehicle tracking solutions, fleet operators are able to identify, track and report on risky behaviours in order to build a greater safety culture. With a dedicated analytics dashboard combined with expert advice and regular operational reviews, DriveRisk’s subscription-based vehicle tracking devices and ongoing support allow peace of mind for commercial fleets & trucks.

Commercial drivers are at an increased risk of being involved in an incident on the road. Mitigate these risks and ensure the continued safety of your fleet with Lytx DriveCam & DriveRisk Australia.

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