Surfsight, a Lytx Solution

Help your customers keep their drivers and vehicles safer while streamlining their day-to-day operations and reducing costs. The Surfsight™ solution provides valuable video insights and advanced risk detection tools to help improve fleet safety and efficiency.

The innovative technology in the Surfsight dashcam, powered by Lytx®, uses robust machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) to proactively detect and mitigate risk. Help reduce risk with a proven approach that has helped hundreds of thousands of drivers navigate millions of miles safely for more than 20 years.

The solution is easy to use, accessibly-priced and works for any vehicle class. Help your clients jumpstart fleet safety and protect their bottom lines with the Surfsight device.

Surfsight solution: Where smart meets simple

Busy fleet managers need smart yet simple solutions to capture valuable data and gain insights. Provide the safety tools your clients need to help protect fleets and drivers.

The Surfsight device is powered by advanced technology, yet is easy to install and intuitive to use, making it an ideal choice for fleets of all sizes. See how incorporating video into a fleet can help improve driver safety, increase efficiency, and streamline operations.

Easy setup

The lightweight device is easy to install thanks to a user-friendly interface and setup process. Your clients can be up and running in as few as 10 minutes.

Proactive alerting

Drivers receive visual and audio alerts when they engage in risky behaviours to self-correct. Awareness of driving habits empowers drivers to develop safer ones over time.

In-cabin and road-facing camera

Video captures in-cabin and road-facing footage to help provide a complete picture of the drive.

Event trigger button

Drivers can press an event trigger button to proactively record video during an unusual event, such as if another driver is repeatedly hitting the brakes in front of the vehicle.


Powered by advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence, the device recognises distracted driving behaviours and sends alerts to help correct risky behaviours at night.

Advanced sensors

The Surfsight dashcam provides real-time detection of dangerous driving events. Cabin-facing IR LEDs offer a clear view inside the cabin at night.

Future-proof technology

Use our APIs to integrate with current and future fleet management tools and download upgrades and new features through the cloud.

Affordably priced

Increase revenue by offering your customers a cost-effective video solution. Priced to be accessible for any size fleet, while providing unbeatable technology, high-quality video, and accurate data.

Enhanced telematics

Add auxiliary cameras to increase visibility for better insights and improved safety. 4G connectivity and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot support connecting IoT devices and additional cameras.

Continuous recording

The camera detects movement and continuously records while the vehicle is in motion. Video can be retrieved from the cloud for up to 30 days.

Support for side and back-up views

Connect up to four additional auxiliary cameras using the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot for a 360° view.

LCD touch screen

Use the LCD touchscreen to simplify installation, troubleshoot, review videos, and receive driver alerts.

Live streaming

See what’s happening in the cab and on the road in near real-time. Empower managers to make quick decisions and provide immediate assistance.

Parking mode

The Surfsight device detects severe vibrations when the vehicle is parked and can be set to automatically upload videos for that event.

Proactive alerting & advanced technology

Advanced MV+AI alerts drivers of risky behaviours in real-time so they learn to self-correct. This helps drivers form better awareness and safer driving habits, resulting in fewer risky incidents. Fleet managers can use video events for further driver coaching and training, as well as rewards programs to recognise good driving behaviours.

Intuitive solution

Thoughtfully designed for ease of use, the Surfsight dashcam’s intuitive cloud-based dashboard makes it easy to configure settings and retrieve valuable driver safety and trip data. Manage multiple vehicles from a single screen with the ability to group vehicles, bookmark selected cameras, generate reports, review analytics, update permissions and access, and more.

Advanced API

Our open APIs help integration partners easily add video to their telematics stack. Surfsight’s open API platform integrates with fleet management systems to support quick data retrieval from the cloud and data sharing with other applications. Our future-proof solution lets you easily download new features from the cloud as they are available for no extra cost.

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